Domestic Misting

Misting solution for the comfort in your home

All that is needed to install your own misting system is a regular water connection If the pressure is not sufficient, a pump will be required) combined with our high pressure tubing and high pressure misting nozzles with NRV (Non Returnable Valve)

How does it work? Water gets pushed through the tubing and then forced through the misting nozzles. This breaks the water up in tiny water drops (average size is 10 Micron) creating a pleasant and cooling mist effect which is so fine that it doesn't wet any nearby objects or people but effective enough to reduce the temperature significantly.



  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for use in garden, patios & verandas
  • Flash evaporation provides up to 12° C temperature reductions for more       comfort during hot days
  • Perfect for any climate
  • Repels insects
  • Low running cost & little maintenance needed
  • Useable in any climate and area, tailored to your needs


A Misting kit consists of : · 5 Misting Nozzles · 10m Tubing · Saddle Clips · 1 Tap Connector

Maintenance & Installation Advice

  • For every 0,80 - 1,00 metre of high pressure tubing you will need one misting nozzle
  • Make sure the distance between the 'to cool area' and the misting system is greater than 1m to avoid moisture build up and wetness from the mist
  • When installing your misting system, alternate the direction of the nozzles (ie, one facing inwards, one facing outwards) to achieve the best end result


Components - Low Pressure

Mister Cool DIY Kit

R 550.00

LP End Plug

R 30.00

0.3mm Brass Nozzle Head

R 30.00

LP Body

R 30.00

Misting Nozzle Extended

R --.--

3/4" Tap Connector

R 54.00

LP 10mm Polyurethyne Tubing

R 16.80 per metre

Ball Valve

R 165.00